Assembly Automation





Assembly Automation

Automated assembly is a key area of focus for Adaptive Innovations and a major strength among our offerings. Automated Assembly cells employ a wide range of technologies to solve manufacturing issues for a broad application base. Manufacturers are implementing automated assembly solutions to address many issues that impact their ability to compete on a global scale. Issues such as available labor, excessive training costs, operator ergonomics, inconsistent quality, rising wages, and required throughput to name a few. Many assembly systems can combine manual and automated processes into a single machine, providing exceptional flexibility, scalability and redundancy. Automated assembly systems can also be integrated with upstream or downstream functions, eliminating non-value-added processes. Automated assembly is one of the fastest growing sectors of industrial automation, and a cornerstone of Adaptive’s offerings.


Screw Driving & Riveting

Fully automated systems designed to install and secure fasteners. Options for torque, depth, and rotation feedback.

Adhesive Dispensing

Dispensing applications used for assembly processes, gasket in place, or part marking applications.

Insertion & Press-Fit Assemblies

Tight tolerance assemblies, force feedback guidance, align and press applications.

Flexible Automation

Specialty equipment to accommodate wide product ranges and part variations.

Interconnect Assembly

Contact pin feeding and installation, pin pressing, pin inspection, and inline electrical testing.

Ultrasonic Welding

Semi and fully automatic ultrasonic welding applications for plastic welding and insert installation.

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