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Machine Tending Automation.

Machine tending is the process of automatically interacting with fabrication machines to safely and repeatably load and unload parts. Machine tending equipment is commonly found in combination with CNC machines, presses, injection molding machines, de-panel machines, and many others. In many cases, machine tending automation can be designed to tend multiple machines, accelerating return on investment. It is also common for vision guidance to be used with machine tending automation, which greatly expands the capability and functionality of the machine tending system. Adaptive’s extensive machine vision experience makes this a seamless addition to our machine tending solutions.


CNC Machine Tending

Safe & effective part handling for simple to multi-step processes. Single robots capable of tending multiple machines.

Press Tending

Part loading and unloading with optional post press operations.

Injection Molding Machine Tending

Overmold component insertion, component extraction, multi-machine tending. Options for post press degating, inspection and assembly.

Stretch Wrapping

Contact pin feeding and installation, pin pressing, pin inspection and much more!

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