Machine Vision and Deep Learning Project

Machine Vision

Machine vision systems are evolving as fast as any other area of automation. Providing faster speeds, higher resolution, advancing tools, 3D imaging, deep learning software, and more, vision is rapidly expanding what is possible in automation. Successful implementation of machine vision stems from proper system selection and software programming, as well as suitable lensing, filtering, and lighting. Adaptive employs vision system technology in nearly every automated system we develop for applications including component inspection, robotic guidance, and advanced bin picking. There is no specific formula that can be applied to insure machine vision system success, but rather a systematic approach and extensive experience are the keys to successful implementation. Partner with Adaptive Innovations to tackle your toughest vision challenges.

Deep Learning Factory Automation

The evolution of machine vision over the past 15 years has been nothing less than breathtaking.   Combining these advancements with the advent of deep learning image analysis has created tools more powerful than ever imagined possible.  Adaptive has invested in training to implement and deploy best-in-class deep learning vision software designed for manufacturing.  This software can be used to solve complex applications that are too difficult, time-consuming, or expensive for traditional machine vision systems.  Deep learning uses example based training and neural networks to analyze defects, locate and classify objects, and read printed markings.  Successfully implementing deep learning into an automation strategy can solve complex inspection, classification, and location applications impossible or difficult with classic rule-based algorithms.  Deep learning models can help machines overcome their inherent limitations by marrying the self-learning of a human inspector with the speed and consistency of a computerized system.

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