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Machine Vision

Machine Vision.

Machine vision is one of the fastest areas of evolution in sensor technology. Utilizing advancements in camera hardware, image analysis algorithms, deep learning software, and more, what once was considered impossible is now within reach. What is now within reach will soon be old technology. Keeping up with the rapid evolution of these technologies can be an overwhelming and time consuming task. The importance of connecting with the right industry partner in order to stay ahead of your competition is becoming more critical every day.

Adaptive routinely applies the most advanced vision technologies for component identification, component inspection, robotic guidance, and many other applications. Our engineers are empowered with a knowledge base that spans many vision brands and countless applications. Employ Adaptive’s knowledge and experience to maintain your competitive edge.


Defect Inspection & Sorting

Vision inspection systems programmed to inspect components for detects. Capable of high speed and high reliability.

Verification & Operator Assistance

Assembly inspection, part presence check, part count and operator guidance.

Robotic Guidance

Geometric recognition, stationary and dynamic positional guidance, post pick positional feedback, assembly guidance, etc.

Deep Learning Image Analysis

Enhanced image analysis with deep learning capabilities ideal for complex or varying defect detection.

Stretch Wrapping

Contact pin feeding and installation, pin pressing, pin inspection and much more.

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