Heidi Slat | Office Manager

Learning to tie up the loose ends and keep each day running smoothly for everyone.  Support to engineers, allowing efficient and consistent project progress.  Maintain positive relationship with vendors & customers by providing individual attention to needs and expectations.  Keep a close eye on general office day to day basics that are necessary allow for company growth.  Ask me, I will do it!

Chris Christianson | Team Lead & Controls Engineer

What I love about controls systems is designing highly complex systems from simple building blocks.  Our flexible and reliable building blocks allow us to test systems before connecting to hardware to reduce debug time.  With this approach, we are very schedule and cost competitive.

Greg Rollins | Senior Mechanical Engineer

I am a mechanical engineer with 10 years experience. I am a team player with a “get it done” mentality. I enjoy the challenge of solving complex problems and implementing a solution, especially when a solution works. I like our line of work as it’s always different and covers a wide array of fields and industries. I also enjoy getting my hands dirty and fabricating when I get a chance to.

Carl Merkel | Controls Engineer

I have been working as a Controls Engineer in Colorado for 23 years. Prior to that worked as a Journeyman / Master electrician while completing my degrees in New York, Florida and Colorado.

Erik Anderson | Project Mechanical Engineer

I am a Project Mechanical Engineer who has been with Adaptive for about a year and a half. After graduating from Colorado School of Mines in 2006 I spent the next 6 years working for a small SBIR research firm designing, building and operating experimental laboratory equipment. From that I have experience setting up complex air and fluid systems and the accompanying control systems.

Bill Nicol | Sales & Marketing Manager

I have approximately 30 years of experience in the industrial automation industry in both sales management and principal positions. I have served as the Sales Manager for the Western half of the USA for Bosch Automation Products, the North American Sales Manager for ITEM Products, and a principal/owner/VP Sales for Avalon Vision Solutions. I was the (independent) Western sales representative for Adaptive Innovations Corp. for 2 years prior to assuming the position of sales & marketing manager about 2 years ago.

Andrew Brandt | Controls Engineer

As a Controls Engineer / Programmer with a background in Mechanical Engineering, I bring a unique perspective to solving the challenges our customers bring to us. I look forward to each project as an opportunity to learn about new technology and find innovative solutions.

Colin Coon |  Mechanical Project Engineer

I am a Mechanical Engineer with a BS from Binghamton University. I lived in New York prior to moving to Colorado where I worked 5 years in optoelectronics specializing in thermoelectric cooling and hermetic packing of optical sensors. I spent 8 years before that working in residential and commercial construction.

Nick Williams |  Mechanical Project Engineer

I’m a Colorado native, born and raised in Denver. I don’t believe I will ever stop loving this place. The mountains to the west provide a warmth that reminds me where I belong. I make my living as a worker. When I’m not working I get out and explore with my feet. I have a passion for working beyond anything I can remember. It has enabled me to free myself and truly express the things I want to express in a form of work that speaks in thousands of words.

Zac Wood |  Electrical Project Engineer Tech

Though I’m not a true Colorado native, I have spent the majority of my life here in Colorado and I am an avid mountain climber and hiker. I currently am pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines, and have experience programming, assembling, and designing electrical systems from school and personal projects as well as my current position. I enjoy the challenges and experienced gained with each project as I continue improve my skills as an Electrical Project Engineer.

Stephen Strinka |  Mechanical Project Engineer

I have two great passions in life:  Mountains and Mechanical Design.  The first brought me to Denver and the second brought to to Adaptive.  I studied Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University and fell in love with design and 3d modeling during my co-op work there.  My professional background is in mechanical design for custom automation, particularly industrial balancing cells.  I find the process of bringing imaginary mechanisms and machinery into existence profoundly fulfilling; nothing beats the feeling of a long awaited power-on after months of planning and work.  I also deeply enjoy hiking in the Rockies with my family whenever I can get the chance.

Justin Alber | Photographer | Graphic Designer

I’m a Colorado native, born and raised in Denver. I don’t believe I will ever stop loving this place. The mountains to the west provide a warmth that reminds me where I belong. I make my living as a Graphic Designer and Photographer. When I’m not designing I get out and explore with my camera. I have a passion for photography beyond anything I can remember. It has enabled me to free myself and truly express the things I want to express in a form of art that speaks in thousands of words.

Connor Reidy |  Technician

I am a Colorado native with a strong background in manufacturing working towards a degree in business. When I’m not working I can be found outdoors or tinkering with cars. I have always been willing to learn any new processes that come my way and I’m ready to tackle any challenge that is in front of me. I am looking forward to the knowledge I will gain working with a team as great as this one.

Madison Scott |  Mechanical Project Engineer

I am studying to be a mechanical engineer  at Colorado School of Mines. I graduate in May 2018. Over the summer I had an internship, working mostly with Solidworks.  I am looking forward to gaining more experience here to help me plan for my future.

Josh Schreiber Mechanical Project Engineer

Never mind all the titles above, I’m the one that really runs this company.  I am a student of mechanical engineering at Colorado School of Mines and am expecting to graduate may 2018.  This is my first real experience in the industry and so far it has been great.  So far, this internship has definitely made all the hassle of getting an education more worth it.