Environmental Testing Services

Integration of accelerated environmental stress screening is one of our many areas of expertise.  We have years of experience designing and building fixtures for HALT HASS and ESS production testing.  Fixtures that make testing feasible by improving throughput, reducing downtime, and reducing capital costs.  Capacities ranging from 1 unit up to 768 units in a single HASS screen.  Adaptive Innovations offers development services from fixture conception through proof of screen.

Accelerated and Environmental Fixture Design and Build Services

Adaptive has developed and offers platform fixtures that can test entire product families, with minimized changeover time.  These types of solutions can help reduce the number of chambers required to support your test requirements, which also minimizes costly facilities upgrades.  The flexibility offered in these solutions opens the door for customers to test more products without substantially more investment, resulting in an overall improvement in product quality.  Adaptive takes environmental fixture designs another step by analyzing them with computational fluid dynamics and balancing the airflow to each UUT (unit under test).  This helps to keep product excitation similar to all products in a test load, while at the same time allowing us to get more products in the chamber.  This effort combined with using best practices & modal analysis to achieve optimal vibration transmissibility sets our fixtures apart from any of the competition.  Examples of some of our many HASS fixturing solutions can be seen in our sample page.  Contact us to find out how Adaptive Innovations can help with your HALT HASS or ESS program!

Fixture Development Services from Concept Through Proof of Screen

  • Designs ranging from simple bench top HALT Fixtures and off the shelf fixture kits to modular HASS production fixtures optimized for throughput and Pre-HASS functional screens.
  • Validation and Verification of fixture designs including: vibration and thermal response mapping and associated report documentation.
  • Proof of Screen and HASS test development services to help ensure your HASS fixture performs in production.
  • Design & fabrication of custom, high temperature wire harnesses required for powering & monitoring your product during testing.  We have the experience to select the connectors and components required to maximize performance and longevity in the extreme test environment.
  • Interactive web and on-site Design Reviews ensure clear communication of design intent, requirements and final results.
  • Avoid costly time and errors that can be avoided by using Adaptive Innovation’s experience. AI will get your project completed on time, to specification, and cost optimized.

HALT/HASS Fixture Design Capabilities & Considerations

  • Design Conception through Fixture Implementation.
  • Each Fixture Custom Designed per Specific Product Requirements.
  • All Projects Cost Optimized.
  • Vibration and Thermal Performance Optimization.
  • Human Factors Incorporated and Operator Efficiency Optimized
  • Product Thru-Put Maximized.
  • Change Out Time Minimized.
  • Manufacturing and Test Procedure Development.
  • Plant and Personnel Concerns.
  • Designed In Dependability and Reliability.
  • Equipment Longevity Maximized and Preventative Maintenance Minimized
  • Integration with Manufacturing Processes and Additional Production Tests.
  • Pre-HASS or RMA Troubleshooting Fixtures.
  • Cable Management Systems Design and Development.
  • Validation and Verification of Fixture Designs including: Vibration Response, Thermal Response, and Documentation.
  • Trainig and All Equipment Documentation Provided (Drawing packages optional).