Machine Tending

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Locating loose parts and gripping them in a given area with a given orientation allows manufacturers the flexibility they need to achieve the product mix process flexibility they require from their equipment. Adaptive has experience integrating robotics with peripheral equipment (conveyors, turntables, etc.) and programming vision guidance to locate circuit cards on a conveyor as they exit depanel, pick those cards with a vacuum end effector, inspect parts with vision inspection and place them into the next station's tooling.


Custom Equipment

Adaptive has engineered and delivered multiple pieces of equipment that provided automated solder dispensing and custom soldering capabilities.  By employing creative end effector tooling designs, we’ve been able to combine multi-station concepts into single station tooling, while improving process reliability and cycle time.  Adaptive has several patents pending, regarding these applications

Adhesive Dispense

Precise, repeatable adhesive application is a critical function in many assembly processes, and anybody who has dealt with it before will tell you how difficult it can be.  In addition to the difficulties that can be experienced with the application, are the difficulties that can arise from maintenance, down-time, exposed adhesive, and much more.  Adaptive has provided successful solutions in Adhesive dispense applications time and again, accounting for differences in adhesive viscosity, dispense rates, cure rates, positional tolerances, and environmental conditions such as humidity and elevation.  Starting with the right tools for the job and applying the experience necessary to avoid some of the expected pit falls, Adaptive has a formula for Adhesive dispensing you can count on for project success.

In-Line Test Equipment

Inspecting products in-line is standard operating procedure in today’s industrial custom automation equipment solutions.  Adaptive’s strong background in test equipment, tooling, and ATE’s places us well above our competition when it comes to in-line testing.  Adaptive was founded based on the automation of test equipment, and nobody does it better than we do.  Integration of testing into the manufacturing process results in improved efficiency, reduced costs & scrap, early fault detection, and improved product quality.

Material Handling

Integration of large robots with vision guidance, dual end effector tooling, and non-human contact safety requirements, is a task we’ve been challenged with on many occasions.  We have built robotic pallet load/unload stations that included the use of vacuum formed dunnage, pallet conveyors and tray elevators, minimizing the need for operator interaction across an entire shift.  We have also designed pick-n-place stations that provided part inspection, sorting, and packaging.

Flexible Automation

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