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Station Inspection Cell

Introducing the Future of Precision Manufacturing

Starting at $60,000

Key Features


Multi-Station Indexing Cell

Our turnkey robotic cell boasts a 4-station indexing dial table, providing seamless transitions between assembly, sortation, and inspection processes. This feature ensures optimal efficiency and precision in your manufacturing operations.


Comprehensive Inspection Capabilities

Experience a versatile range of part inspection options, including robot-mounted vision, torque and force transducers, height sensing, and customizable parameters. This enables thorough pre and post-inspection processes, guaranteeing the highest quality standards for your products.


User-Friendly Control Interface

Enjoy intuitive control options with either an integrated HMI or push-button interface. For added convenience, a web browser programming interface is available, allowing easy customization and seamless integration into your existing processes.

Automate with the best


Turnkey robotic cell for assembly, sortation or inspection processes.

Station Inspection Cell

Starting at

  • 4 station indexing dial table
  • Welded steel base
  • safety enclosure, E-stop and PId/Ple level safety
  • Up to three 4-axis Scara Robots and controller
  • Operator light curtain access buttons for cell control
  • Web browser programming interface

Additional Highlights

Customizable Part Fixturing and End-of-Arm Tooling

Tailor the robotic cell to your specific needs with custom part fixturing and end-of-arm tooling options. This ensures precise handling and assembly of your unique components, resulting in top-notch product quality.

Safety and Efficiency Integration

Safety and efficiency go hand-in-hand with our welded steel base, full aluminum and polycarbonate safety enclosure, and E-stop and PID/PLC level safety features. This combination of robust construction and advanced safety measures guarantees a secure and productive work environment.

Seamless Integration with Upstream and Downstream Processes

Maximize operational continuity by utilizing the load/unload station's capability to tie directly into both upstream and downstream automated processes. This seamless integration optimizes workflow, enhancing overall production efficiency.

SFC-1 Downloads

Accessing our CAD models is a seamless process designed to expedite your project planning and implementation. We offer an extensive library of meticulously detailed CAD files for our turnkey robotic cell, encompassing every component and configuration option. Whether you require specific part fixturing, end-of-arm tooling, or the entire assembly, our CAD models are available in various industry-standard formats for compatibility with leading design and simulation software.