Industrial Automation

Adaptive Innovations is an experienced integrator with a proven track record of delivering successful projects across a wide range of industries and applications.  Adaptive is committed to providing state of the art industrial automated machine engineering, and touts capabilities in high volume automated assembly, including complex machine vision and inspection requirements.

The Adaptive Advantage

Our industrial automated machine engineers have taken a unique approach to our design and programming methodology, improving equipment flexibility, easing troubleshooting, lowering cost of operation, and improving overall efficiency.  Although we program both PLC and PC industrial controllers, our preferred method of control is through an industrial PC.  As a result of this direction, we have drastically lowered the number of programming hours required in our automation cells, and have made adding of functionality quite simple (as compared to the traditional PLC approach).  With regards to SCADA, the PC allows our equipment to collect data and off load it in the format of our choice, including HTML.  This results in the very flexible ability to view and manipulate data from any device with a simple internet connection.

As one of the leading automated machine design companies in the USA, Adaptive is proud to be an industrial engineering partner to our customers, and offers a complete solution ranging from concept development, design & controls engineering, manufacturing, and installation, to support and ongoing service.  Bring your toughest challenges to our creative and responsive team, and learn first hand the advantages of partnering with Adaptive.

Industrial Automated Machine Design Capabilities

Custom Robotic Cells (automated machine assembly, sorting, pick-n-place, automated test & inspection, single piece flow, high volume, etc.)

Standalone Automation Cells / Stations (parts wash with automated load/unload, incoming part sorting / inspection, etc.)

Machine Vision – Inspection & Guidance (part presence, orientation, geometry, spacing, color, etc.)

Adhesive & Solder Paste Dispense (including end of arm)

Custom Solder Solutions (includes custom hot bar, Diode laser, solder dip, etc.)

Automated Screw Driver / Feed systems, Vacuum Grippers and Blow Feeders

Vibratory Bowl Feeders, Part Presentation Equipment, etc.

Complete Safety Plan & Audit for all Equipment and Industrial Automation Systems