Flexible Automation

Born out of necessity. Designed from Experience

Graco is a leading global manufacturer and marketer of fluid handling systems and components.

Delivers Flexible Feeding Benefits

Seemless part change-over without time consuming and costly set-up

High tolerance for process contamination (oily parts, chips, etc. are no problem)

Easily accommodates a wide range of part sizes and shapes

 Stand-Alone, Easy-to-Integrate Package

One size fits most applications

Minimal interface is required – simply connect power and one PLC input

Great Value

Attractively priced as compared to complicated bowl feeders

Pre-configured to meet most applications – significantly shorter delivery lead times compared to unique and highly customized bowl feeders

Handles a Wide Range of Part Sizes and Geometrics

  • Proven to work with a wide range of part sizes and shapes.

Integrated Controls

  • Fully adjustable vibration magnitude, giving you control of part movement and speed.
  • Active feedback from table to controller automatically adjusts vibration frequency as more or less weight is added to the recirculating table
  • Pin out / password protected access

Easy to Place in Service

  • Only 2 points of connection required
  1. Connect power of connection required
  2. Connect PLC input via M12 connection

Large Capacity Hopper

  • Dispenses parts on-demand from hopper to table
  • Fill your hopper while your line is running – no more production interruptions

Uniquely Designed Feeder Table

  • Recirculates parts that are not locatable, bringing them  back to robot’s field of view
  • Specifically selected carpet geometries keep the widest range of parts in circulation
  • Chamfered corners help prevent part accumulation

Heavy-Duty Base

  • Durable 0.5 inch (1.3cm)
  • Solid 1.0 inch (2.5cm)
  • steel hopper platform and 1.5 inch (3,8 cm) steel table platform provides extra rigidity and support


Customize Your Performance

Innovative Accessories for Specific Applications

Camera Stand Assembly

Designed to provide maximum field of view when used in conjunction with the G-Flex Feeder

Fully adjustable, providing a custom fit on every application

5 positions / 7.5 in (19.0cm) height adjustment

Camera Mounting Plate

Steel mounting plate with pre-drilled holes for common Song® and Cognex® cameras

Stacked Part Eliminator

Eliminates stacking of parts on table

Raise or lower contact point to wipe stacked parts to a single layer

Reversible, select rigid wiper or brush

Part Separator

Separates parts as they pass through pins, improving target part identification

Add, subtract or slide pins to achieve optimum part separation

Part Feed Optimizer

Helps contain parts until delivery is desired

Adjustable clearance for a custom fit