In-Process Production Transfer Carts

To achieve plant ergonomic requirements, the handling and loading of large fixtures/products requires a transfer cart.  We offer low effort solutions with finely adjustable heights that are perfect for transferring  from workbench to test fixture.  Manual or fully automated, you decide.  Anything is possible.

At Adaptive, we design and build Production Transfer Carts by request or as part of an overall production or testing solution. Most of them transport and load/unload fixturing between production and testing.  Depending on the design, our carts can include many of these features:

  • Adjustable Height.
  • Manual or automatic operation.
  • Low effort loading and unloading.
  • Non-marring materials.
  • Latching and locking features.
  • Any wheel and caster arrangement.
  • Various lifting mechanisms.
  • Rotational access.
  • On-board managed airflow.
  • X Y Z movements.