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Industrial Automation & Robotics

Material Handling

Conveyor Systems

Adaptive implements both off the shelf and custom conveyance solutions. Ranging from mini parts handling conveyors to plant wide material handling solutions, Adaptive is your single source for conveyance. Our installations include servo driven indexing conveyors, powered roller conveyors, belt conveyors, pallet conveyors, rotary table conveyors, sorting and merge conveyors, drag chain conveyors, and so much more.  Combining our conveyor experience with our robotic and gantry experience makes Adaptive the go-to partner for your material handling needs.

Conveyor Systems
SKU Sorting and Grouping

Material Handling


More and more processes and packaging systems are requiring handling of multiple SKU numbers simultaneously. A creative approach to SKU handling, grouping, and sorting can make large differences in equipment costs, space utilization, and system capacity. Adaptive has delivered some very creative solutions to SKU sorting and grouping, developed and delivered some extensive traffic management systems, and welcomes the opportunity to review your requirements.

Material Handling

Traffic Management

Traffic management in major material handling systems is key to the success of the project. Adaptive employs simulation software to model and analyze system traffic and part handling to ensure success before the project ever starts.

Part Feeding

Material Handling

Pick & Place Systems

Pick and place systems consist of equipment simply tasked with moving components from one location to another. Choices for this type of equipment include 6-axis arms, 4-axis arms, Cartesian robots, walking bars, and more. In some cases, this type of equipment is integrated with vision guidance to locate, orient, and pick components, such as with a flex-feeder.  In other cases, this equipment communicates with encoders and vision guidance to achieve real-time picking from a moving conveyor. Partnering with the correct systems integrator makes even some of the most challenging processes a reality. 

Material Handling

Vision Inspection

Machine vision is one of the fastest areas of evolution in sensor technology. Utilizing advancements in camera hardware, image analysis tools, deep learning software, and more, what once was considered impossible is now possible. Keeping up with the rapid advancement of these technologies can be an overwhelming and time-consuming task. The importance of connecting with the right industry partner to stay ahead of your competition is becoming more critical every day.

Adaptive utilizes advanced vision technologies for component identification, component inspection, robotic guidance, and many other applications. Our engineers are familiar with many vision brands and have experience with countless applications. Employ Adaptive’s knowledge to gain and maintain your competitive edge.

Machine Vision

Material Handling

Vision Guidance

Vision guidance is the utilization of machine vision to capture and provide data to robotic hardware or a machine controller. The system then uses this data to make process decisions & adjustments. This is a very powerful tool that greatly enhances capability and flexibility in robotic systems.  In many cases, this highly flexible process replaces the need for expensive tooling, allowing manufacturers to process a wider range of products on a common system.  The Adaptive team is well versed in vision guidance and frequently implement solutions that apply it.