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Industrial Automation & Robotics

Packaging & Palletizing

End of Line
Packaging Automation

Adaptive has extensive experience with fully integrated end of line automation, specializing in lines consisting of test, inspection, packaging, and palletizing. We design & build flexible automation systems that provide comprehensive solutions, including connection with ERP systems. Our solutions are focused on ease of use, efficiency, and reliability, leading to accelerated return on investment.

Full End of Line Packaging Solutions

Packaging & Palletizing

Case Packing

A subset of Adaptive’s end of line offering is the process of case erecting, case loading, and case sealing.  Adaptive works with several providers of case forming equipment to integrate their machines with robotics and machine controls for complete case loading solutions.  These customized solutions improve productivity and capability beyond what can be achieved with off the shelf solutions. 

Packaging & Palletizing

Shrink Wrap

Adaptive also has experience implementing shrink wrap systems into its end of line packaging solutions. We have implemented both individual component shrink wrappers and shrink bundling machines.  We have used state of the art zero edge shrink wrappers, as well as standard shrink wrap technology. Our solutions consider run time, changeover, accessibility, maintenance, and more.

end of line packing

Packaging & Palletizing

Palletizing &
Stretch Wrapping Systems

Palletizing is a primary component of Adaptive’s end of line packaging automation. Having implemented both gantry and robotic arm solutions, you can count on us to select the best equipment for your application. Adaptive offers palletizing by individual container, by pallet row, and by full pallet layer. Our systems include options for pallet feeding, and pallet handling. We also provide SKU sorting, necessary when multiple products come to a single palletizing area simultaneously. Adaptive offers pallet stretch wrapping options to secure palletized loads as well, for a complete EOL solution.

Packaging & Palletizing

Labeling & Marking

Print and apply labeling machines, ink & laser marking systems, and dot peen systems are integral technologies to end of line automation. Adaptive has broad experience implementing these types of marking systems, and can include lot traceability, part tracking, and much more for your end of line solution.