HALT HASS ESS Fixturing Examples

Inadequate Resources, Experience and/or Project Timing:

Quadrant HASS Fixture

Adaptive Innovations has the experience and resources necessary to support any fixturing project, including those required in compressed timing.  Our design approach and experience allow us to complete designs very efficiently, helping reduce project timing and improve the likelihood of success.  Communicate your project restraints to Adaptive at the onset of your project, and we will do what’s possible to achieve them.


Maximizing Throughput:High Volume Capacity

When high throughput is required in HASS testing, maximizing units/test while minimizing downtime results in direct savings.  Adaptive’s fixtures not only optimize chamber space, but also balance the product excitation, resulting in more efficient use of the chamber energy.  Our fixtures are also designed to optimize the operator time, so load/unload of product can be performed outside of the chamber.

Large Product Size/Weight:

Large Product - Midplane FixtureLarge product assemblies can be challenging to develop efficient fixtures for.  Airflow and vibe can both be limited due to weight, geometry, and flow space.  In some cases, highly engineered fixtures for large products can dramatically reduce the cost of HASS by optimizing LN2 usage and available chamber volume.  The right fixture can reduce the total number of chambers required for your HASS program, and can lower the cost per test cycle.  Use of properly engineered fixtures, especially for large/heavy UUT, optimizes operator ergonomics and overall plant safety.

Airflow Difficulties:

Airflow OptimizationAdaptive uses computational fluid dynamics and the fan curves provided by the chamber manufacturers to develop a unique airflow plan for for each fixture.  This effort is performed to achieve optimal, balanced product stimulation while improving chamber efficiency.  Utilizing push, pull and combined function plenums, along with the proper material selections and air control features, a HASS fixture from Adaptive is certain to provide optimal performance.  This level of planning, analysis and experience is unique to Adaptive.

Quick Change-Out Solutions (Thru-put):

Hi Volume HASS FixtureMinimizing changeover time between test sets results in optimal chamber utilization.  Modular inserts or cartridges can be designed to allow faster loading and unloading of product into the chamber.  Modular bulkhead connectors can be used to blind-mate the inserts, alleviating the need for manual electrical connectivity in the chamber.  Two sets of inserts are required to realize the potential of this solution, which allows loading and unloading of product to be done while tests are underway.

Product/Assembly Response (Transmissibility):

Not all products are constructed in a way that vibration is easily transmitted throughout the product.  Oversized cards and integrated chassis are just two examples of product that don’t typically respond with standard fixturing.  The result of inadequate fixturing is poor stimulation, and an ineffective screen.