Modular Arm Fixture Kit

AI Part Number: 80-00003 Price: $650.00 each (includes 4 clamp arms)

Purpose and Use:

kit-armThe Modular Arm Fixture Kit allows the mounting of an electrical card or PCB to a HALT/HASS Vibration Table. The arm, slot, and clamp geometry are designed to provide flexible mounting locations for almost any size card. Using a single 3/8-16 bolt allows for rotational flexibility, while the 5” slot allows for linear adjustments. Multiple kits can be used to mount complex card assemblies or mount multiple cards simultaneously.

Design Details:

CNC Machined Modular Arm: Constructed of 6061-T6 CNC machined Aluminum 5” slot designed for mounting with 3/8-16 fasteners (included) Flat bottom surface provides a rigid mounting base once bolted to table Clear Anodize Finish protects the assembly from corrosion Adjustable Clamp and Plunger: Clamp is adjustable for linear position, jaw height, and clamping force (up to 150 lbs.) Neoprene plunger provides a forgiving clamping surface to protect cards during testing Cam-Over clamp design locks cards into place and provides repeatable clamping force Neoprene plunger is perfect for most applications where temperatures do not exceed 110° C. For higher temperature requirements, an alternate plunger is recommended. Mounting Pin: ¼” standard fit pin constructed of hardened, 316 stainless steel Obtainable off-the-shelf pins can be acquired in many lengths (5/8” length standard and included) To change pins, simply push out existing pin and press in new pin Custom pins can be designed and machined to provide specific card mounting solutions Standard pin is slightly magnetic. If magnetics conflict with product operations, an aluminum, brass or composite pin is recommended.